A La Carte Menu

Homemade Carrygerry Chicken Liver Pate, Baby Leaves, Redcurrant Jelly, Rustic Toast (Gluten Free Bread Availbale & V) (5,7,10,12) €8.50

Homemade Soup of the Evening  (GF without croutons  & V) (5,8) €7.00

Award Winning Creamy Seafood Chowder (GF) (1,3,5,8,13) €8.50

Baked Fish Cake coated in Golden Crumb, Dressed Leaves, Sweet Chilli Sauce (GF) (2,3,5,10)

Bluebell Falls Goats Cheese Puff, Tomato Chutney, Dressed Leaves, Balsamic Vinegar (2,5,10,12) €8.50

Chicken, Bellpepper & Beansprout Crisp Spring Roll, Hoi Sin Sauce (2,5,10,12) €7.50

Baby Leaf Salad with Apple, Celery, Cherry Tomato, Carrot & Walnuts, Honey & Mustard Seed Dressing (GF & V) (7,10) €6.50



Pan Fried Sirloin of Beef, Creamy Peppercorn Sauce, Crisp Onion Rings (GF)  (2,5) €24.50

Baked Fillet of Salmon stuffed with Tiger Prawns, Lemon & Thyme Herb Mash, Light Tomato Broth (GF) (1,3) €22.00

Half Roast Crispy Duck, Herb Stuffing, Game Chips, Red Wine Sauce (GF) (5,8,14) €21.00

 Braised Featherblade Beef Steak, Spring Onion Chomp, Carmelized Shallots, Red Wine Sauce (GF) (8,14)

Pan-Fried Selection of Seabass, Salmon, Cod, Fresh Scallop & Tiger Prawns, White Wine & Chive Cream Sauce (GF) (1,3,5,13,14) €23.00

Breast of Irish Chicken stuffed with Garlic Butter coated in Golden Crumb, Herb Mash, Red Wine Sauce (GF) (2,5,14) €16.50

Roast Rump of Irish Spring Lamb, Ratatouille, Herb Mash, Thyme Jus (GF) (8,14) €21.00

Fillet of Pork Steak Schnitzel, Creamy Mushroom & Tarragon Sauce (GF) (2,5) €19.50


 Side Orders

Mixed Side Salad €3.50
Portion of Fries €3.50
Saut»ád Onions & Mushrooms €3.50


Malteser & Caramel Cheesecake, Salted Carmel Ice Cream (5,12) €7.00

Chocolate & Orange Mousse, Orange Shortbread Biscuits (GF without biscuits) €7.00

Warm Black Cherry & Almond Pie, Hazelnut Ice Cream (2,5,12) €7.00

Creamy Coconut Ice Cream with Toasted Crushed Macaroons (GF without macaroons ) (2,5,12) €7.00

Baked Pear & Blueberry Crumble, Creme Anglaise, Vanilla Ice Cream (2,5,12) €7.00


Selection of Irish Farmhouse Cheese served with Our
own Tomato Chutney & Crackers €9.50

Freshly Brewed Tea €2.50
Freshly Brewed Coffee €2.50

Food Allergens Information Available


Gluten Free GF                   Vegetarian Friendly V

One shot of espresso coffee with frothed milk and sprinkle
of chocolate

One shot of espresso coffee topped with frothed milk and served in
a tall glass

One shot of espresso coffee and one shot of chocolate syrup topped
with frothed milk and served in a tall glass

One shot of espresso coffee topped with boiling water


Thick drinking chocolate topped with steamed milk and served in
a tall glass



Baileys €4.50
Cointreau €4.50
Crème de Menthe €4.50
Drambuie €4.50
Grand Marnier €4.50
Tia Maria €4.50
Sambuca €5.25