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The Carrygerry Range

In 2010 we launched the Carrygerry Range. However, in truth it started a number of years earlier by way of customers in the restaurant asking to purchase some dressings and sauces etc.

Due to the fact that we produce all our own fresh products the Carrygerry Range was a natural progression and has evolved to a full range of Jams, Chutneys, Dressings, Pate`s and off course our Creamy Seafood Chowder.

These Artisan products are produced here in the Carrygerry Kitchen by Niall & his team. Some of the recipes have been passed down through generations but Niall has added his own personal touches to each and every one.

A number of the products have won individual awards in their own right, but collectively complement each other and showcase what we are trying to achieve at Carrygerry bringing restaurant quality to your home kitchen.

Niall is very passionate about using local organic produce to make his jams & chutneys.